Why am I seeing “no books found” on Niche Finder?

The most common reason for receiving the “No books were found with selected filters” message is due to a selection of filters that individually or altogether make the search query too narrow.

The more filters you select and the narrower the ranges are, the less likely the Niche Finder is to deliver results. The filters are cumulative, meaning, that each additional filter that you select will narrow down the results.

For example, if you enter the filters BSR 2000-3000; Price $25-$35; Reviews 0-50; age (months) 12-24 in category Cookbooks, Food & Wine”, then it is quite likely that there will be no books that match this set of criteria.

To resolve this, try to either use fewer filters and/or use filters that are broader, i.e. where min and max values are farther apart from each other.